Artist Statement

Jackie Stacharowski

©2008 - 2015

Art is the vehicle I use to communicate my discoveries to others.

As I journey through life, I observe, question and contemplate the universe around me.  I attempt to capture my reactions to the physical - the awe I feel when I see sunlight skipping over the sea and sand, or the gentle way light sparkles on the leaves and the flowers and other objects found in my corner of the planet.

I use my skills with color and composition to record my interpretation of my world for others to see.  I hope that by viewing and reacting to my artwork, others may see, feel, and experience a reaction that is theirs alone, but - perhaps is similar to mine as well.

My landscapes are a doorway into my personal realm; inviting others to enter, walk into and enjoy the sense of place that I have felt and have tried to capture.  A space where one can explore... get lost… dream… relax…

I also try to express the intensity I feel when I notice the interactions among my fellow travelers through life: my family, my friends and the strangers that I meet along the way.  My Body Language paintings are those in which I explore and interpret the Interpersonal Relationships we all encounter along the pilgrimage of life.  The relative sizes and positions of the figures suggest the relationships and interplay among the individuals. The colors reflect the moods, tensions, distance, closeness, and the internal and external emotions.  The smaller groupings reflect the relationships between individuals… are they drawing together or pushing apart? ... are they facing things together or alone? ... are they coming closer or drifting apart?  I also probe the choreographic nature of crowds, are they inviting others in or shutting them out? 

I also explore how subgroups interact within the whole and how one fits into the groups.  The figures are faceless because it is the interplay and emotions that are important in these paintings - not the individuals.  The journeys we all take, with those close to us as well as strangers, are the true subjects.  The dynamics of the groups we join as well as those we seem to drift through...

I finally reached a point in my life where I felt the freedom to abandon a career in Information Technologies as a Systems Analyst, move to the beach and expand my experiences in the world of art.  In art, as in most fields, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you do not know.  So I continue, through my painting, reading and teaching to increase my knowledge, improve my craft and to grow as an artist.

Although I did not commit myself to be a full time professional artist until 1992, throughout my life I have always had an intense interest in the arts, spending countless wonderful hours in museums, galleries and art fairs.  A lifetime of experiences and the joy I savor when painting is an alchemy which, when combined, give me an outlet to express my personal view of the world.

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