Swimmers 18" x 24" Oils

Waiting 16" x 20" Oils


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Body Language

A series of paintings exploring

the Interpersonal Relationships

we all encounter along

the pilgrimage of life.

The relative positions of the

figures suggest the relationships

& interplay among the individuals.

The colors reflect the moods

& tensions; distances & closeness;

the internal & external emotions...

Smaller groupings reflect the

relationships between individuals:

... are they drawing together

or pushing apart? ...are they facing

things together or alone?

...are they coming closer

or drifting apart?

Larger groups reflect the

choreographic nature of crowds,

inviting others in or shutting them out...

...how subgroups interact

within the whole;

...how one fits into the group.

The figures are faceless because it is

both the interplay & emotions

that are important -

not the individuals.

The journey we all take with

those close to us as well as strangers,

is the true subject.

The dynamics of the groups we join

as well as those we seem

to just drift through...

Listening 20" x 16" Oils

Searchers   36" x 24" Oils

Gathering 36" x 24" Oils

Sunny Disposition 24" x 18" Oils

Joining 16" x 20" Oils


The Feast

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Artwork by Artist Jackie Stacharowski

Too Tangled To Undo

Unwinding Together

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